Most Clip Extensions
Human Hair is just like a has a cuticle on its outside to protect the inside of the hair just like the bark protects the wood of a tree. On the inside human hair has a cortex, just like the wood of a tree.
Most hair extension companies strip their hair's cuticle (bark) with acid exposing the core of the hair or cortex (wood). The hair is then bleached & dyed, then it's dipped in silicone at high pressure to lacquer the wood of the hair leaving the hair silky & shiny.
The problem is, the silicone lacquer washes out days later, and the hair looses it's shine and begins to crack & tangle terribly !
Other companies even breed animals (the Yak) for their long hair. Then they take the coarse animal hair from the Yak, strip off it's rough cuticle (bark) with acid. Because it's still a coarse animal hair, they also have to stretch it with perm lotion to make it longer & finer. They then bleach & dye the animal hair.
To cover all this up they have to dip the animal hair in silicone. But they still get to sell it to you as 100% Human Hair!
Many greedy companies even add 10-20% synthetic fibers to their extensions, and still have the nerve to call it 100% Human Hair!
VMAX Clip Extensions
VMAX Clip Extensions' Hair quality is simply VMAX, shiny, silky 100% Human Indo-European cutticle Remy Hair, carefully selected from the finest Hindu Temples of Northern India.
VMAX Clip Extensions' Hair has absolutely no animal or synthetic content!
VMAX has redefined the delicate art of processing 100% Human Virgin Indo-European Remy Hair, without compromising its quality. VMAX Labs gently lighten the hair with UV Light, and dye the hair with harmless heat activated pigments, avoiding harsh ammonia & damaging peroxides, while locking in shiny healthy color.
VMAX Clip Extensions : Simply the finest quality VMAX 100% Human Indo-European Remy Hair, at the absolute best Price!