VMAX Clip Extensions Hair Care
VMAX Clip Extensions need only be washed every 15 to 20 times you wear them, as long as you have not slept with them on.
Before washing, please brush your extensions, and make sure that all the clips are closed.
Please wash your VMAX Clip Extensions one by one. Hold each extension by the clip area, and wet the hair from top to bottom with a shower head. Always hold the hair suspended in its full length, never allowing it to fold over itself, as this may cause tangling.
Apply shampoo directly on the hair and slide your fingers down the extension two or three times, from top to bottom, never from bottom to top. This avoids unnecessary tangling of the extensions.
Please use only the Finest Professional Shampoos & Conditioners, designed for Dry Color Processed Hair.
Do Not Leave the Rinse-out Conditioner in your Extensions for More than One Minute & be sure to Rinse the Extensions Thoroughly from top to bottom, leaving no conditioner residue in the hair.
After washing, please use a high intensity a Leave-in De-tangling Conditioner. This will ensure that the extension hair is well hydrated & always remains beautiful & healthy.
Please do not towel dry your extensions, simply slide your fingers tightly along each extension, from top to bottom, and then lay them to dry on a fresh towel to dry.
Never lay VMAX Clip Extensions to dry on towels which contain a fabric softener used in the dryer cycle such as "Bounce" sheets!
The softening chemicals used in the dryer cycle sheets will be transferred from the towel, to the extensions & will be reactivated by the blow dryer and damage the extensions. Towels softened with a liquid fabric softener in the rinse cycle are fine, as the softening chemicals are rinsed out from the towels in the washing machine.
It is always best to style the hair after it has almost completely dried. You may use any styling tools you desire, including blow dryers, curling or flat-irons, hot rollers...etc.
It is not recommended that you sleep with your extensions on, as that may shorten the longevity of your extensions. If you choose to sleep with your extensions, it's best to braid your hair or place your hair up in a bun. It is not recommended that you swim with your extensions.
When you are not wearing your VMAX Clip Extensions, please store them in their original plastic bag. Before storing your extensions, please make sure that the hair is dried, that all the clips are closed, and that the extensions have been brushed. Storing your extensions in a plastic bag ensures they do not gather dust, or lose their natural moisture. Please store the extensions unfolded, in a dark place away from direct light